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QMS – Quality Management System

A “Quality Management System” (QMS) is a set of elements (processes and resources) used to draft and apply the quality policy and to meet its targets. In this context, Quality, refers to the skill of satisfying the needs of the Organization’s internal and external customers, being a key factor for a company’s success and a competitive advantage among its competitors.

Requirements for an effective building and implementation of a Quality Management System are described by the ISO 9000 standards series, that became very important by facilitating mutual recognition of companies’ ability in fulfilling their commitments to customers.

By applying a QMS, an Organization gets what it needs to manage and control the company’s processes, in order to satisfy customers and get continuous improvement, enabling it to increase its competitiveness on the market.

Specifically, the requirements for the implementation of the QMS are included in ISO 9001 that allows organizations to obtain certification of the quality management system in after a successful audit conducted by an accredited certification body.

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