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IMS: Integrated Management Systems Quality, Environment, Safety

Current development of Organizational Management Systems  standards (either related to Quality, Safety or Environment) rises from increasing companies' needs to operate in a whole efficiency and effectiveness way. An organization operating on the market as a supplier cannot be reliable unless it shows skills for providing proper feedbacks to expectations and demands from its main interested stakeholders:

  • its customers, as far as Quality management is concerned;
  • its employees and collaborators, as far as the aspects related to safety and health are concerned;
  • owners, in terms of return of continual investments in time,
  • staff, with regard to the issues related to norms of responsible behaviour, starting with the environmental behaviour.

Actually, the protection of the stakeholders’ demands is the object of several voluntary norms. Since the end of the 80’s, these standards have joined the necessary legal provisions concerning the aspects of Quality, Environment and Safety. In addition to these elements, the increase of interest taking place in the industry and services in the systems management requires a strong integration between the systems themselves, towards leaner organization and leaner overall management, while in full compliance with the specific requirements of reference.

Currently, because of the lack of specific regulations' references for the application and spreading of an Integrated Management System, all the documents used nowadays for system certification (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, EMAS Regulation) are based at least on the common initiative oriented towards continuous improvement according to the model of the Plan-Do- Check-Act.


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  Master in Environmental Management of Systems and Products (2005-2006)

Energiabilità: specialization course in Renewable Energy Sources for buildings