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EPI Environmental Performance Indices

Environmental Performance Indices (EPI) are specific expressions which quantify the information on the environmental performance of an organization, so that its meaning is understandable, clear and, overall, comparable.

The Environmental Performance Indicators, reclassifying and synthesizing the data collected on the environmental aspects by a company's information system, provide an immediate and representative picture of the company situation towards the environment, comparable with temporal and spatial context in which the company is included with objectives and targets set by the company.

The reference technical norm for defining the Environmental Performance Indices is UNI EN ISO 14031, referring to the Evaluation of environmental performance, which provides a series of guiding principles and considerations for the choice, classification and definition of the indices.

The drafting of an EPI system is an operation of considerable engineering complexity, both due to the difficulty of finding a proper method to elaborate and aggregate the gathered data, and due to the difficulty of identifying the proper indices to provide significant and relevant information for the evaluation of a companys environmental performance.

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