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Territorial Environmental Management

The now increasingly pressing need for protection of the environment together with the management needs of the area and the activities that are carried out, often related to the need for promotion and economic development, have led to develop methods of implementation of Environmental Management Systems Integrated on territory.

Application of these systems to a territory allows to tackle the environmental challenges that characterize it in a global context of the protection and enhancement .

Even just from a environmental point of view, a local level approach allows to identify, analyze, manage and improve in a systemic context an interdependent network of services and activities generating set environmental impacts.

A coordinated management of territory comes naturally and consequently from such an approach. Thanks to an environmental integrated approach, economic and social aspects can be  integrated.

The Integrated Environmental Management System is intended to create an organizational structure aimed at the design, implementation and application of environmentally correct management practices, as well as mechanisms for control and monitoring of the environmental performance of the activities and services that take place on a territory

That way Municipalities and the local authorities have the chance to address issues related to their institutional role with a global approach by encouraging implementation of programs related to the principles of sustainable development, such as Agenda XXI and EMAS

Integrated Management Systems in the Territory also raise  relationships between promoters and stakeholders (citizens, institutions, economic categories, etc.). thus promoting sharing and consensus in the activities of Administrations and Local Authorities.


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  Master in Environmental Management of Systems and Products (2005-2006)

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