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Territorial Area Brand

An Area Brand is the delimitation of a territorial area which undertakes to create a network of homogeneous, coordinated and complementary, no-overlapping and no-competing services, both public and private.

The design and creation of Area Brands allows the local Stakeholders, both public and private, to develop and promote specific aspects and “treasures” of their territory.

Thus the Area Brands can be related to different types of features:

·  Environmental, such as landscape, flora, fauna, etc.

·  Economic, such as agricultural and industrial activities and services;

·  Cultural and social, such as historic events, artistic expressions, tradition and folklore, religious customs, etc.

·  Agro-food, such as typical productions.

The creation of an Area Brand gives value to positive aspects that a territory offers to its visitors; also requiring active involvement of the stakeholders in tourist business, that is of all those have an interest in this sector.

The strategic aspect of the creation of an Area Brand is the ability of developing a communication and collaboration network among all involved actors, through a commitment and a high involvement. This enables all stakeholders to organize in an efficient and effective way their own offer, by the advantage of knowing not only the tourists’ requests, but also tourist attractions and services that the territory can offer.

An Area Brand can also become an important territorial management tool. Due to its role as coordinator of all the tourist promotion activities, it allows the channeling of actions, using the synergies of different possible actions and planning them in an integrated way.

Finally, the Area Brand is a tool for market positioning. The characterization of a territory by creating an Area Brand allows all its operators to deeply identify and know tourists’ expectations by the knowledge of their territory potentialities. Thus, the creation of an Area Brand is an effective marketing tool: knowing the peculiarities of the territory enables the operators to offer tourists new dimensions of the tourist area and to discover new market niches.


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