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LCA - Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment is a technique used to assess environmental aspects and potential impacts related to a product/service. An LCA study, carried out in compliance with the international regulations of the ISO 14040 series, concerns by:

  • Definition of goal and scope of the analysis;
  • Filling of an inventory of matter and energy flows, entering and exiting the system;
  • assessment of potential impacts associated with these flows;
  • interpretation of the results of the previous steps in the light of the objectives set for the study

This method is addressed to all the private, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations interested in finding a way for improving environmental performance of their product/service. Once the “from cradle to grave” assessment of the environmental aspects/impacts is done, the LCA lends itself to several strategic applications, such as:

  • Identification of the opportunity to improve environmental performances;
  • Appliance of decisions aimed at optimizing and controlling the productive processes;
  • Identification of indices to assess the environmental performance;
  • Marketing actions and information, such as environmental statements and eco-labels;
  • Technical support, such as eco-projection;
  • Appliance of decisions and policies by governmental and non-governmental organizations relevant to the environment protection;
  • Support of environmental improvement policies coming from Systems such as ISO 14001 and EMAS.

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