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ISO 9001 Certification of the Laboratories within the University of Padua

At the end of 2001, The University of Padua has started a biannual programme aiming at the UNI EN  ISO 9001 certification of the research laboratories within the University Departments. The design of activities, as well as the planning and development of the programme were entrusted to the Environmental Quality Study Centre within the University of Padua.
The prgramme, which is currently in progress, has been divided into the following operational stages:
1) Check-up visits in the structures which participate in the project
2) Basic training on ISO 9000 series of all the laboratories involved (duration of the course: 16 hours)
3) Further training on the application of the ISO 9000 standard to macro-fields (chemical-biological and engineering field) (duration of the course: 40 hours)
4) Actions for the implementation of the Quality Management Systems in single Departments.
The check-up visits and the training courses ended in the first half of 2002. Here are the participating Departments and their laboratories:

Department/Service Centre
Department of Chemistry
Laboratory of chromatography
"CRIBI" Service Centre
BMR Service (DNA sequence)
Department of Constructions and Transports
Laboratory of Constructions and Transports
Department of Technical Physics
Laboratory of Acoustics
Laboratory of Conductivity
Department of Electrical Engineering
Laboratory of Electro-therm
Laboratory of Electric Control
Department of Hydraulic, Sea, Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering
Laboratory of Hydraulics
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Laboratory of Hover Machines
Laboratory of Machine Building
Laboratory of Hydraulic Machines
Laboratory of Measurements
Laboratory of Applied Mechanics
Department of Mechanical and Management Innovation
Automation Field Laboratories (Robotics, Meccatronics)
Materials’ Field Laboratories (Metallography, Chemistry, Electronic Microscopy)
Technological Field Laboratories (Net Shape Forming, Geometric and Industrial Metrology, Concurrent Engineering)
Department of Histology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Autonomous Operational Unit of Microbiology
Department of Chemical Processes in Engineering
Laboratories department of environmental chemical processes
Laboratory department of industrial processes
Quality Environmental Study Centre
Department of Industrial Systems’ Techniques and Management (Vicenza)
SIM1: scanning electronic microscopy, analyses with radiographic methods
SIM2: metallographic analyses, hardness and micro-hardness testing
SIM3: static and dynamic mechanical testing
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Laboratory of microanalyses
Neurological Sciences
Laboratory of neuro-muscular pathology
Zootechnical Sciences
Laboratory for Food Quality Control (LFQC)
Laboratory of the Zootechnical Sciences Department (LAZ)

The Environmental Quality Study Centre created an E-mail address for all information you wish to request with regard to the Quality of Departments project: qualitas.dip@unipd.it


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