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HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

The HACCP system, is now the most common management tool for ensuring the integrity hygiene in food. It can be considered as a logical path into twelve distinct steps made by principles, which constitute its backbone, and preliminary steps, necessary for proper implementation of the HACCP system.


These steps must be taken before applying the principles of the Method and have the following goals:

  • Defining responsibilities and proper authority (based on the proper competencies), in order to develop and maintain the self-control system.
  • Gathering and filing all useful information in order to assess the hazard analysis. This means to gather and file information related to raw materials and product features, to productive flow, to installations/equipments and working environment; it also means analyzing scientific literature, guidelines and reports by supervising authorities, etc


  • Hazard Analysis and establishment of preventive measures
  • Determination of the critical control points (CCP) and establishment of the critical limits
  • Establishment of the monitoring system
  • Establishment of corrective actions
  • Establishment of verification procedures
  • Establishment of the documentation management system

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